Here we go again…

By on Dec 27, 2013 in Misc

I’ve tried doing blogs in the past. They never worked out. My guess is this had much to do with having nothing I felt was worth saying, and as a result no audience to say it to. Nothing about that self assessment has materially changed. Rather, What has led me here, to this quiet part of the interwebs, is a growth in demand.

Passionate is not my byword, but if I were to pick a passion, food would likely get top billing. The reasons are myriad, worthy of their own self indulgent post, and irrelevant here. I’ve found, as the years have passed, that my friends and family enjoy sharing my passion for great food. ┬áMore pointedly, they enjoy sharing in the experience of great food with me (I’ve been told I am like “a great wine that highlights a meal”, its quite dehumanizing honestly). Many of them have asked for my thoughts on various restaurants from time to time (or, ya know, all the time). At some point someone said those dreaded words, “hey you should write a blog.” With that, the vile seed of an idea was sown, and nurtured by repeated calls.

So here we are. I guess there is much to discuss, and I’ll give it a go. It isn’t clear to me what I offer above and beyond the already vast number of high quality food blogs already crushing the internet under their weight. Though, If a few good friends have a nice read and enjoy, then it’ll have been worth the time.

I promise neither regular periodicity nor quality (I have a real job, shocking I know). Photos will be provided if possible, but realize that this isn’t always possible. I am not a “shutterbug.” You shouldn’t expect a fancy rating system or a blow by blow twitter gram of an entire meal. Food, at its height, at its worst, at its core is about experience, impression, and emotion. I’ll do my best to write with that in mind.

Welcome, not sure why you’re here, but something useful will follow soon enough…